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Saturday, July 20, 2013

i think i have a problem...a pinterest problem.

before i married my husband one day he asked me,
"do you REALLY love me? (yes. SO much.)
do you love me more than Zeva? (of course.)
do you love me more than feather? (that's a completely different kind of love.)
do you love me more than pinterest? (does that mean i have to give up pinterest?)

i love pinterest more than any living thing should love any non-living thing.

how do i know i have a problem?
  • before i go to bed i pin a lil.
  • i wake up and wonder if anyone pinned anything i need to know about.
  • i set time limits for pinning...and (head hung in shame) i ALWAYS exceed those time limits.
  • lately i've discovered all of the music classroom pins available, so the new even better justification for pinning is professional development! that means when someone asks me i can say "please leave me be, i'm doing this for work."
i do, however, have some helpful pinning advice that all fellow pinner "addicts" might appreciate.
  • waste the time to click every link. why?
    • some of them aren't even there.
    • some that are there are are just a picture. no info.
    • just because it says "in the budget" doesn't mean it's in YOUR budget.  
    • clothes and shoes for your "dream closet" can be especially expensive. not what i would ever pay. the fashion world has flipped their gourd.
  • blogs are best.
    • decorator blogs with one picture of a room you love are usually filled with other rooms you will love.
    • how to dress blogs are better than the pictures of just one outfit. and they usually share where every piece came from and about how much it cost them.
    • DIY blogs are awesome and (back to point number one, DIY has MANY different meaning. i could NEVER diy some of the things that other birds diy. just fyi.)
  • change the description for YOU.
    • how many times have you gone back through your own pins and thought, "why in the world did i pin this?" i have.
    • delete what they wrote and change the food description from "my family LOVED this" to "i should TRY this." i even have two food boards. one to try "whoa, yum?"and one that was successful "tried and true to my tastebuds"!
  • clean it up.
    • i spent a saturday recently looking through my pins. it prompted me to do two things:
      • create new boards: i had so many home decor pins that i needed individual rooms and the aforementioned before and after food boards. (but careful--don't REPIN, just EDIT. that way they won't show up and tell on your reorganizing.)
      • delete. delete. delete. now that i know there are endless supplies of things, i am deleting outfits i would never truly be brave enough to wear, deleting recipes that have no ingredients my husband would love and deleting home decor because i liked one pillow on the bed that i will not take the time to track down or copy.
for now, that is all.

i have pinning to attend to!

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