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Sunday, August 7, 2011

my very own steel magnolias

truvy says, "Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin' across your face."

i feel like it is marchin across mine some days, but at least i have my own clairee, m'lynn, ouiser, shelby and truvy's to hold my hold while it does...

recently a close friend of mine experienced a death. her daddy died. i'm close to her and her momma. we were sitting around the table, days after and she remarked, "what do people DO during times like this who don't have a church family...?" i thought about that for a minute. and it's true. God's people do tend to rise up in times of crisis. if you have a church family you know that you have an automatic, guaranteed support system, some vigilant workaholics. and they are sincere in thier desire to minister.

but i must admit, God gives families in all sorts of ways. i know that those same church people will fly to my aid when my daddy dies, but so will another group of ladies.

my friends.

in no particular order, but as soon as they can, i know, i KNOW that my core will come.

when i watched those church ladies, my friends, i saw you in thier eyes....

claire and carrie, making sure that everyone had a place to sit or a napkin under thier drink.

fran and sarah, cleaning that kitchen just as hard as they could, washing dishes and mopping the floor.

jo anne and barbara, collecting money and planning meals for the next week for the family.

kelly and lisa, sitting in the living room telling the stories that make us howl with laughter through our tears.

ashley and renee
, sitting next to me, in strength not saying a word, just being near.

kim, hugging.

and no doubt, there would be more...

thank you, girls. thank you for crying with me now, while i wait for mr. right, and discover, yet again, that wasn't him. thank you for encourging me not to give up on my dreams. thank you for writing me love notes and buying me housewarming gifts and for "hooting and hollering" when i was on that stage as teacher of the year.

thank you for being steel magnolias kind of friends.