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Thursday, January 12, 2012


i am so borderline ocd. genuinely what some call anal-retentive. my clothes are in color order in my closet (sleeveless, short sleeve, then long sleeve...), everything in a drawer is folded neatly, or stacked get the drift. my daddy joking says that nobobdy has folded his "drawers" right since I left home. (hee hee hee, and if you don't know what "drawers" are, you "ain't from around here.")
back to the story--last night when i got in the bed i was FREEZING and although i hate to wear socks in the bed, i knew i was going to have to start off with them...

so, in the dark, i reached for the first two white socks and put them on (i don't roll my socks up together because i don't want the stretchy to stretch out, another ridiculous habit...) i wiggled my toes, smiled, scooted back down in the bed and fell asleep...none the wiser........

i woke up, let the dogs out and while i was sweeping the kitchen, i looked down for the first time. there they were. two different socks. both white, mind you, but 1 nike dri-fit sock and 1 cheap hanes sock. the nike dri-fit squeezes your feet for comfort. HOW DID I NOT KNOW?!?!
(picture coming soon)

i couldn't believe it. perhaps there is a small lesson here for me to learn.

i gotta get ready for work!