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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

just an ordinary day...

During the normal time that our kindergarten team has related arts,
I had a planning time today.
During this time there was a quiet knock on my door.

"Come in!"
Emerges: boy. kindergarten. 5 years old. grinning from ear to ear and with blonde bed head to boot.
(I wish I had taken his picture because I am certain it would make this conversation eeeeven better.
Perhaps I'll email his mother to see if that can be arranged.)
"Hey!" he realizes, "You don't even gots no kids!"
"you're right, i don't."
"and whyyyyy not?"
"well...(knowing i shouldn't bother, but trying to sieze the opportunity to impart some mathematical wisdom) how many kindergartens are there?"
"count them: mrs. tyner..and..."
"oh, um......3!"
"yep, and there are 5 related arts."
(Complete with visual using our hands.)
"well, okay, " he admits, "i still don't get it." (it was worth a shot.)
"that's alright."
"hey! (random.) look at you up there gettin a kiss on your face! love him, don't you?" (referring to this year's christmas card on the wall above my desk.)
"yes friend, i do. but, why are you here?" (let's cut to the chase and are you just killing time or did someone send you? you never know...)
"are you in art today? did you go to the bathroom?" (if you are a teacher you will understand the logic in these is across the hall and the bathroom could be a free pass to visit--oh, say-- ANYWHERE, a little before you return to class. especially if you were quick, you know, didn't waste time with that nonesense of hand washing. not that he did that, just sayin...)

"no, i ain't been. i might gotta go..." (hm....considering. whoops, now i've put the thought there.)
"focus-are you in art, friend?"
"no, PE." (far away, other end of school....5 year i'm a slight concerned)
"dear, why are you here, for real?"
"check your email."
"yeah, check your email. coach said, 'check your email!'" he proudly exclaims!
"i will. thank you, thank you very much."
"ok." (standing there, adorable, grinning. but.....not leaving. for you see, when you are 5, you must be told when a conversation is naturally over.)
"is that all u need, just 'check my email'?"
"okay, you can go back to coach in pe now."
"oh, okay."
walks away. sheepishly. looks back to grin one more time as he closes my door.
what a bird.
welcome to my world.....

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